BIOAQUA Facial Animal Mask 30g


BIOAQUA Facial Animal Mask 30g


BIOAQUA Facial Animal Mask The napkin mask has a high-speed regenerating effect on skin cells, providing firmness and elasticity to the skin. The powerful anti-inflammatory effect prevents unwanted rashes and quickly heals wounds and injuries that have already appeared.

Cherry blossom extract is a promising new cosmetic ingredient, the amazing properties of which were proved by Chinese scientists in 2014. Attention was drawn to the healing properties of the extract, allowing to avoid almost any inflammatory skin diseases.

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Cartoon Duck -Pomegranate Facial Mask.
Cartoon Rabbit -Cherry Blossoms Facial Mask.
Cartoon Bear -Green Tea Facial Mask.
Functions: Firming, Moisturizing, Deep Clean, Brighten Skin Tone, Oil-control.
Green tea (Yellow Bear): Oil-control, moisturizing, remove excess sebum.
Cherry blossoms (Pink Rabbit): Brighten skin tone, moisturize, and make skin elastic and young.
Pomegranate (Green Duck): Rich in vitamin, make skin healthier and young, cure dull and uneven skin tone.

How To Use

1. After cleansing, gently place the mask on the whole face and gently press with your fingers to make it sufficiently close to the skin.
2. Relax your spirit, enjoy the 15-20 minute time for the mask, and make the skin for absorbing nutrients fully.
3. Remove the mask. The face still has Essence. Gently massage can be used to help the skin to absorb.
4. In conjunction with the follow-up skincare products, the nutrients can be locked in the skin.

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