BIOAQUA Golden Eye Mask 80 Pcs


BIOAQUA Gold Eye Mask Patch for Women Dark Circle Gel (80 PATCH)


BIOAQUA Golden Eye Mask 80 Pcs, Advanced nourishing mask Lemon extract Other vital ingredients Complete nourishment Smooth It improves the texture of your skin Bright Improved overall color Moist Power of moisturizing.

Your skin is vulnerable Did you know Where is the problem It’s in your skin that is susceptible to all kinds of harmful light All these devices have an impact on your skin You need to protect your face from junk light to avoid fast aging.

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BIOAQUA Golden Eye Mask Power of nature Nourishes Moisturizes Protects Herbal extract Help to protect your skin and rejuvenate it Protection by nature It’s an effective way to keep your skin young and beautiful.

Softening It changes texture to make your skin softer Nourishment, moisturizing It replenishes moisture and has protective properties Providing vital minerals It provides all necessary ingredients for the health of your skin.

Amazing properties of this mask Gentle care Skin-friendly Hydrating nourishment Vital minerals Easy to use.

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